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Seniors & Veterans


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Introducing the Merits P326A, one of the more stable power wheelchairs on the market. The fact that there are always six points of contact with the ground lets you know how safe this item is. The footplate can even be used to stand on without worrying about it tipping over because it is so stable.

  • True mid-wheel drive: 20.6″ turning radius
  • 10″ knobby drive tires for superior traction
  • Dynamic LiNX controller for convenient Bluetooth programming and diagnostics
  • 16″ seat width with 16″-18″ depth adjustability, 18″ or 20″ seat widths with 18″ or 20″ depth adjustability
  • Mid-wheel drive design provides outstanding maneuverability in tight, compact spaces.
  • Patented articulation mechanism allows front wheels climbing up the step/ threshold easily.
  • Low center of gravity provides a smooth and stable ride both indoors and outdoors.
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance.
  • Full suspension design offers a comfortable ride.
  • Swing back controller bracket is standard.
  • Height and width adjustable armrest, semi reclining backrest and height adjustable seat.
  • Excellent stability on footplate

Seat Specifications:

  • Seat width adjustable    41-51 cm / 16”-20"
  • Seat depth adjustable    41-46 cm / 16”-18"
  • Weight 23 kg / 51 lb
  • Back angle adjustable    0° , 15° , 30° , 45°
  • Armrest height adjustable   21.5-25.5 cm / 8.5"-10"
  • Back height   46 cm / 18"
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