Donate Wheelchairs

Over 3 million Americans use some type of wheelchair full-time. Approximately 5% of these people don't have access to wheelchairs or cannot afford one. Donating a wheelchair is an easy process and we take donated wheelchairs and give them to someone in need. 

Some of the benefits of increased mobility include:

  • Easier access to healthcare, food and water
  • Improved social interaction and life satisfaction
  • Broadened employment opportunities
  • Slows the progression of deformities

Our mission is to not only sell mobility products but to also give free wheelchairs to someone in need. We accept all types of wheelchair donations - new, used, and fixable. Recipients come from information submitted on our website who are then put on our waiting list.

Here is how you can help out by donating a wheelchair:


  • We cannot pick up your equipment unless it is within 10 miles of Lubbock, Texas.
  • Please donate clean items. We do not have the resources to clean soiled items.
  • Rusted or severely damaged items will be used for parts and the rest recycled by volunteers.
  • Emailing a photo of the items to our receiving department at: in the process of arranging pick up or delivery is greatly appreciated.

    Please send donated wheelchairs to:

    Seniors & Veterans
    Free Wheelchair Donation
    3417 73rd Street Ste. #70
    Lubbock, TX 79423