About Us

Initiator and founder Steven Devenport - "I created this company with the mission of helping the underrepresented people - Seniors and Veterans. I started with the idea to make life a little easier for seniors and veterans by selling products that facilitate their mobility. There are many companies that sell mobility products, but since I have great sympathy for the elderly, we also introduced a Free Wheelchair Program. My mission is for the company to show true love and empathy for the elderly and veterans".

Seniors & Veterans - Mobility Products supports veterans and older people by selling mobility aids. Our mission and purpose of helping is never ending and is carried out every day. We see the enormity of needs and suffering lurking at every step. There are so many soldiers, veterans and elderly people around us who need support every day - it is impossible to pass by indifferently and say to them: "it is your problem". The state, limited by soulless regulations, is rarely up to the task in providing them with proper care, and then organizations and companies like ours enter the fight for comfort and convenience, and above all, a better standard of living. We open our doors to the needs of people and serve the good of our society.

We have great respect and compassion for the elderly and veterans, which is why our company focuses not only on selling mobility products, but also on an empathetic and supportive purchasing process. Each of us has elderly people in the family and for us, each client is an extension of the Seniors & Veterans - Mobility Products family. Wanting to go a step further, we also have a Free Wheelchair Program. Our main goal is to make life easier for seniors and veterans and, above all, to make their lives happier. Read more about our project in the Free Wheelchair Program section.